Parvati, affectionately known as Paro, has pure hatred towards Border Security Force (BSF) officers, holding them responsible for the murder of her parents. She was brought up by her maternal aunt, Thakurain (Sadiya Siddiqui), and has consistent nightmares regarding the sight of her parent's corpses. Her marriage is arranged with Varun (Vishal Gandhi), a boy from the neighboring village, by the corrupt Thakur Tejawat (Tarun Khanna). While Varun gives Paro the impression that he is loyal and honest, his real intention is to smuggle weapons across the border through their wedding. The marriage is successful but the procession is disrupted by BSF officers, who are headed by Major Rudra Pratap Ranawat (Ashish Sharma), and Varun is killed in the process. Oblivious of the reason behind the interference, Parvati accredits Rudra for her husband's death and despises him. Rudra suspects that she is a material witness and imprisons her in hopes that she will confess. Tejawat learns that Parvati has survived the incident and in an attempt to prevent any possibility of her testifying, hires goons to murder her. Rudra senses danger to her life and relocates her to his paternal home, sacrificing his usual preference of avoiding his own family, and discloses her presence to his father only. His malicious aunt Mohini manages to discover Parvati and insults her virtue, causing Rudra's father to falsely proclaim that she is Rudra's fiancee, much to the chagrin of the pair. Eventually, Parvati emotionally sympathizes with Rudra after learning that his mother eloped with another man, unaware that his mother is the Thakurain. On the day of her supposedly hoax wedding to Rudra, Parvati chooses to trust Tejawat instead and flees with him only to discover the truth behind her marriage to Varun. Upon realizing her mistake, she also becomes aware of her love for Rudra. Although he initially rejects her for betraying him, Rudra recognizes that he loves Parvati and through a series of events they are contentedly united. Soon after their marriage, Parvati becomes pregnant and gives birth to a boy that the couple name Dhruv. Their happiness is eroded when Varun's younger brother Shanthanu Kumar (Vishal Karwal) arrives to avenge his death. He escapes from prison and murders Parvati, who dies in Rudra's arms after he promises to be a good father to their son.



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